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Residential gym with PENT. 


Build an excellent community among tenants and home owners

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PENT. for 20 East End Avenue, New York City

PENT. Luxury Fitness Equipment for Residential Use.  

Residential gyms, by nature, have fewer daily users than commercial gyms. Even with luxury fittings and furnishings, a high daily footfall will result in faster wear and tear. Residential gyms with less traffic are much easier to keep looking fresh and new – a great advantage from a design point of view.

Being able to go home after a workout to use your own shower, full of your specific products such as towels, gels etc, is a great advantage.

Returning to your own flat after a workout at your residential gym also means avoiding otherwise busy changing rooms at peak hours in any other gym. This leaves you free to change in peace of your own home with no queues.

PENT. is proud of manufacturing bespoke residential gym equipments with timeless and modern edge. Each piece is crafted using high-end materials and ergonomic designs. The luxury fitness equipment is made with European walnut, stainless steel, bronze & genuine leather. 

Claudia, PENT. Comercial Interiors Design 

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