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PENT. Luxury Fitness Equipment for Yacht Gyms.  


Although you may or may not be a fan of the gym –we know how such time pass can be a Marmite, when it comes to entertainment - it is refreshing to see a brand's efforts to break through all the stereotypes of the sweaty body builders, by offering a better product.

Certainly a cut above the typical well-used gym apparatus, PENT. Fitness offers a bespoke solution for fitness enthusiasts who also appreciate good design, recreating weights, functional wall frames and benches.

Featuring of smooth and elegant lines, along with upscale materials, PENT. is not just an exercise equipment, it is more like a ‘functional furniture’. Manufactured from European walnut wood and stainless steel, the equipment is certainly, visually appealing and offers a hygienic environment, not to mention their weighted nature for the workout you desire. With a strong attention to detail in the apparatus’ finishes, there is definitely a strong emphasis on quality workmanship, whilst the natural materials ensure that no harmful substance is passed onto their users as they perspire away. 

Aiming to be unique and timeless, PENT. offers everything an exclusive home gym should have. Our gym solutions certainly ensure a good balance between mind and body; the natural wood of the apparatus ensuring an impression of harmony with the world we live in.

Monica, CCO

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