Bangku Gym Berat Lanjutan BANKA™

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Bangku Beban Gym Lanjutan BANKA™. AlIzinkan kami memperkenalkan Bangku Latihan PENT. kami, tambahan serbaguna yang cocok untuk penggunaan rumah, lingkungan mewah hotel, kemewahan yacht, dan lingkungan gym profesional yang menuntut.

Dengan menggunakan Bangku Latihan PENT. kami, Anda tidak hanya meningkatkan kemampuan latihan Anda tetapi juga menikmati kesenangan taktil dari kayu alami, seperti kenari Italia. Kayu ini tidak hanya memberikan pegangan yang aman tetapi juga menawarkan pengalaman taktil yang menyenangkan, dan sifat antibakterinya menjadikannya pasangan sempurna untuk stainless steel berkualitas tinggi, menciptakan sinergi harmonis antara kesehatan dan alam. Kombinasi unik ini terutama signifikan ketika menggunakan bangku mewah ini di berbagai pengaturan, termasuk yacht eksklusif atau pusat kebugaran hotel dan profesional.

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PENT. offers worldwide shipping to any destination across the globe. With secure packaging and extensive experience in global shipping, our dedicated customer care team ensures that your transportation and delivery are swift and trouble-free. We prioritize the safety of your items and the efficiency of their journey, guaranteeing a seamless shipping experience from start to finish."

PENT. is designed to minimize the need for laborious installation upon delivery. Ninety percent of our products are ready for immediate use right out of the transport crate (for large orders) or the protective packaging box, ensuring they remain safe and undamaged during transit."

Production Lead Time depends on the scope of the order. Usually, small items take 21-28 working days, large items take 8-12 weeks. Please be advised that the Production Lead Time may be longer, depending on the quantity and type of products you choose. After the order is placed, you will receive an email informing you about the Production Lead TIme of your order.

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The best materials.

The Material Difference

In our relentless pursuit of progress in fitness equipment, PENT. has made a steadfast commitment to the use and refinement of the industry's most crucial materials. These materials not only enhance the aesthetics of gym equipment but also play a pivotal role in ensuring their functionality and long-lasting durability, forming the core of each design

masterpiece of craftsmanship and functional art

Elevating Craftsmanship and Functionality with Exquisite Wood

PENT. Utilizes the Finest Materials from Legal Sources. Our meticulous selection of the most exquisite wood species ensures that PENT. equipment captivates with its appearance, evolving into a unique masterpiece of craftsmanship and functional art.