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Innovative & Bespoke Premium Hotel Gym Equipment.

My team and I are excited to finally share with you something that we've been working on for a long time - the true evolution of modern solutions for the hotel industry in times of pandemics and beyond, designed by PENT.
Our collection sets a new standard in hotel service, innovation and design for a completely new World.

We look forward to seeing our concept and equipment in your markets so that you can personally touch, feel and experience one of our most important releases in 2021.

Marcin Raczek, CEO

Fitness equipment redefined.
Our Inspiration. 

When PENT. in mid-2020 launched its collection of fitness equipment, a line focusing on modern style and the best materials, the brand decided to collect visionary, independent and inspiring ideas and create the best concept of fitness equipment for a new reality where the fitness and hotel industry together with all people who have a constant need to be fit, found themselves.

Work on the new product began in September 2020, and today PENT. proudly presents a kit that represents the fresh and innovative thinking of the PENT. brand.


A Refined Connection. 

Ergonomic, sophisticated and timeless style, SOPHIA solution is an interpretation of timeless elegance. The combination of simple forms, curved lines and elegant proportions makes the set stand out so much that it cannot be said that it is just fitness equipment. The subtle play of light and shadow, smooth surfaces and the most precious materials will make the product impossible to ignore.

Made of the best stainless steel, bronze and natural leather that match the geometric form and satin finish of stainless steel and natural bronze.
represents elegant styling combined with innovative materials - inside and outside.