Racka PENT. luxury fitness equipment set

RACKA™ Complementary set of essential fitness accessories.


RACKA™ -  multiple equipment solutions tailored to the training needs of fitness enthusiasts who also appreciate good design. 

Upgrade Your fitness gear with PENT. Luxury fitness accessories.
Are you a devoted fitness lover and a design addict? Well, look no further than PENT., the equipment brand that ticks all the boxes.  

RACKA™ stand is a customized equipment that suits the consumer's athletic and aesthetic needs.


RACKA™ Set consisting of a beautiful stand and sophisticated fitness accessories: 

 SIENNA™ ( skipping rope), LIPOVA™ (push up bars ), MATA™ (fitness mat), MESNA™ (fitness ball 65 cm ), TRESNA™ (balance ball), ROLA™ (stretching roller ), MATA™ (exercise mat) 


Perfect Dimensions.

Designed with special attention to detail

and a strong focus on quality workmanship.

PENT gym equipment (2).jpg

Choose Your Perfect Wood &
Genuine Leather Option.

Natural Walnut or Black Ash Wood ?
With Black or Brown Leather ? 

Up to You !

Choose Your Perfect Steel.

Stainless Steel or Real Bronze ?


Racka PENT. wood and leather fitness acc